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Focusing on Ability…

Life and hope for people
living with disabilities

Regardless of your journey so far, heritage or unique individuality, our team is here to come alongside you in your journey
to achieving your goals.

Supporting Individuals to Reach Their Potential Goals

We are a team of passionate and skilled professionals who care about YOU. We support people who live with a range of challenges such as, mental health, complex mental Health , physical health and phycological disabilities.  Our Person-centred approach ensures that we will work beside you to achieve your goals.

Our Focus is You

With over a decade of experience in the disability services sector, we have developed a team skilled in a diverse range of supports, with a keen focus specialising in supporting people living with complex mental health dual diagnosis.

Standards of Treatment

We strive diligently to implement the NDIS Practice and Quality Standards, and Code of Conduct to provide support and services to participants. We are committed to building NDIS participants’ awareness of what quality. service provision they should expect from our staff, ensuring we support participants selecting the right staff, so they enjoy a great quality of service.

We are a Disability Support Service with a focus in Best Practice, having a Diversity of skills & Experience.

Newdawn Support services was built on the foundation of, care, respect, courage, and independence. These are all things we aim to achieve in our business as well as in the care we provide to you.

Explore Our Services

When focusing on ability, everything is possible. At Newdawn we focus on providing an individual person-centerd approach.


Assitance With Household Tasks

A Clean house is a safe and comfortable home, with less risk of accidents and illness. We assist with household tasks such as: Cooking, Gardening, Cleaning, Laundry, and other supports you require to meet your goals.


We provide support with short-term, medium-term, long-term, and Supported Independence Living. We do this through access to our own leased properties, referrals to known accommodation providers, rental application assistance, and assistance with transportation to property inspections


Development Of Life Skills

Assistance in Development of daily living and life skills includes the development of Focused activities and training to enhance personal capacity to live as independent an everyday life as possible. Some of these activities may include:

o Managing your finances, including paying your bills, using bank facilities, and planning your expenses.
o Taking care of your health, including regular doctor visits, and following medical prescriptions correctly.
o Doing your own shopping, including groceries, toiletries, clothing, and other necessities
o Help with Prepping and cooking your meals.

Innovative Community Participation

Innovative Community Participation can lead to improved wellbeing for people living with disability, and their carers. Access to Community based activities in relation to health, employment, education, and income improve life satisfaction outcomes. This enhances inclusion within the community, by engaging more people within the community and better reflects the community’s diversity. At NDSS we support our participants to engage in Innovative Community Participation


Stories from our particpants

As a person with a visual impairment, I used to feel like the world was against me. But with the help of Newdawn support services and the support of my friends and family, I have been able to live a life that is just as fulfilling as anyone else's.



    I was diagnosed with a learning disability in my early years and it was difficult for me to keep up with my peers in school. But with the help of Newdawn support services and accommodations, I was able to graduate with honors and pursue my dreams.



      I have been diagnosed with a mental illness, and it has been a difficult journey, but with the support of my Newdawn, family, and friends, I have been able to manage my condition and live a fulfilling life




        Newdawn Support Services is a community provider that bases its core values on the principles of caring, valuing and facilitating independence. Our Senior management has over 10 years of hand on experience, as a foster carer for young people with disabilities, working in the forensic disability sector and with people living with complex mental health diagnosis and a wide range of life experiences.

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        We are a registered NDIS service provider, providing services to Individual participants living in diverse communities in Australia. Our team of professionals take pride in their personcentered service delivery.

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