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Behaviour support

Behaviour support is about creating individualised strategies for people living with disability that are responsive to the person’s needs, in a way that reduces and eliminates the need for the use of regulated restrictive practices. Behaviour support focuses on evidence-based strategies and person-centred supports that address the needs of the person living with disability and the underlying causes of behaviours of concern, while safeguarding the dignity and quality of life of people with disability who require specialist behavior support. Newdawn supports people by providing practitioners and trained support staff to help them develop strategies to improve their ability to participate in their community

Early childhood intervention

Early childhood intervention is all about giving children with developmental delays or disability, and their families, supports to enable the child to have the best possible start in life. Through early childhood intervention, infants and young children, as well as their families, can get specialised supports and services. These services aim to promote the child’s development, the family, and the child’s well-being, and assist the child to take part in their community. We provide support to children across a number of areas, including communication, learning, memory, sensory, motor, social and emotional development.

Community nursing care

The NDIS community nursing is part of the NDIS. In a similar vein to community nursing, this support aims to deliver medical care to people with disabilities in a comfortable setting. Most people with disabilities find it a challenge to look after their health on their own. They may require specialised care to attend to their complex disabilities and infirmities. NDIS nursing providers offer effective solutions to these issues. NDIS nurses will take care of your needs and provide medical attention when required. They have the training and the experience to handle any medical emergency when the need arises. This support service is available in a setting of your choice. You can comfortably stay at home while our caregivers attend to you, when it is safe and reasonable to do so. Newdawn has trained and experienced nursing staff to support you with medical care in your ow home, supporting you with every stage of care, from supporting with medication and every day clinical Suport to high inesity support. We can support from hospital discharge to in home care and ongoing treatment.

Specialist Support Coordination

Specialist support coordination is a higher level of support. The focus is on reducing complexity in the participant’s support environment and helping the participant overcome immediate and/or significant barriers in plan implementation. Specialist support coordination helps participants address complex barriers that affect their access to support and design a service plan for their support needs, where appropriate. The Specialist support coordinator should work with participants, their families, and carers to identify and understand the issues impacting the participant’s ability to access, use and maintain their support, find and try solutions to address barriers and establish a process to overcome barriers, including prioritising factors that need to be addressed first and what supports need to be in place immediately.

Support Coordination

Support coordination helps you to make the best use of your supports in your plan. Support coordination is a capacity building support which helps you to understand and use you NDIS plan to pursue your goals, connect you with NDIS providers, community, mainstream and other government services, and build your confidence and skills to use and coordinate your supports. You may also wish to focus on a specific goal in your NDIS plan, such as those related to finding suitable home and living supports. You can use your support coordination funding to work with a support coordinator who has the skills, knowledge, and experience to meet your specific needs. A support coordinator or specialist support coordinator delivers support coordination services. There are three levels of support coordination that can be included in your plan. Newdawn has trained Support Coordinators on staff or we can work with your choice of Support Coordinator to support you in reaching your goals.

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