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At NDSS we focus on providing an individual person centerd approach  

Social And Participation In Community

Social and participation in Community fall into two areas of support purpose which are Core and Capital Building. Core – Assistance with Social and Community Participation This support is included in a participant’s NDIS plan to enable them to pursue recreational activities and engage in the community when associated with a participant’s disability and goals. Capacity Building – Increased Social and Community Participation This support category involves supports participation in skills-based learning to develop independence in accessing the community. At NDSS we can support our clients for better integration into the community.

Innovation Community Participation

Innovative community participation can lead to improved wellbeing outcomes for people with disability and their carers (in relation to health, employment, education, income and life satisfaction outcomes) .This can enhance inclusion within the community by engaging more people within the community and, through that, better reflecting the community’s diversity. At NDSS we will support our participant for the better innovation community participation.

Assistance With Household Tasks

Essential daily tasks that the individual is not able to perform independently, Includes meal preparation and developer, house and garden maintenance, cleaning and laundry. At NDSS we can support participants and their career at the comfort of their own homes or accommodation with quality services of any range that will be suitable for an individual lifestyle.

Assistance With Daily Personal Activities

Assistance with daily activities to enable people to live autonomously as possible such as personal hygiene, medication assistance, financial management, communication skills and lifestyle mentoring. At NDSS we can provide quality support to help with every daily personal activity that is tailored to the individual need.

Assistance With Daily Task/Shared Living (SIL)

Assistance with daily tasks in a group or shared living arrangements to help individuals to live as autonomously as possible. AT NDSS we can provide quality support on every daily tasks that can develop individuals skill that can lead to lower support to live as autonomously as possible.

Accommodation/Tenancy Assistance

The NDIS describes Assistance with Accommodation and Tenancy Obligations as support to guide, prompt, or undertake activities to ensure the participant obtains/retains appropriate accommodation. May include assisting to apply for a rental tenancy or to undertake tenancy obligations.

Behaviour Support

This is an NDIS plan that is developed aiming at limiting the likelihood of behaviour of concern developing and or increasing. This plan provides assistance to a participant, their family and support person to identify behavior's of concern, or that cause harm to participants or others and to design and undertake a specific positive behavior support strategy. At NDSS our Behaviour Specialist can support our client to design a good strategy that will help in managing behaviour of concern.

Support Coordination

Support Coordination is an NDIS funded support that is designed to support participants to make the most of their NDIS funds. This is a support that focuses on addressing barriers and reducing complexity in the support environment, we can support individual to connect with support and build capacity. Our Support Coordinator can support you

Development Of Life Skills

Development of daily living and life skills this include the developmental- focused activities and training to enhance personal capacity to live as independent an everyday life as possible.

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We are an individual provider that aim to provide services to diverse communities in Australia and our team of professionals take pride in their individualised service delivery.

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